Dear Hate Review !

Happy Friday everyone! 

If you have not listened to Maren Morris' new song "Dear Hate" featuring Vince Gill yet I highly recommend that you do!

I have always highly admired Maren Morris for her performing skills, writing abilities, and her amazing heart. She really hit it out of the park with this song. "Dear Hate" captures the essence of our world that is constantly caught up in turmoil and tensions. Maren wrights that even though hate seems to be controlling the world so often, love will overcome the chaos and triumph in the end. My favorite part of this song is the rawness and the realness that it puts forth. Maren wrote this song three years ago and recorded it in 2016 along side of Vince Gill. She chose to release this single in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings to spread love in a time of complete darkness for our country. This song is a light shining through the darkness in a world afflicted by natural disaster, war, and violence. I believe that Maren is using her platform as an artist to attempt to heal and comfort the public. This single with out a doubt captures the essence of what the world needs now and for the rest of time in my opinion. I see so many artists in the media being criticized or praised for meaningless things while women such as Maren are telling the story of our current world and no one bats an eye. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the media needs to be focused on the worlds immediate issues and threats instead of what may be trending on Twitter at the moment. This is why this song really spoke to me because it actually met what society needed and still needs today. My overall review is that everyone, no matter what your music taste is, should give Maren a listen and take a minute to reflect on what is going on in todays world. 

I hope to see you all tomorrow at Water Front park in downtown Clermont for the GCCF music festival from 11am - 10pm. I will go on at 2:15pm on the acoustic stage. 


Until next time 


Jordan Mae 

Jordan Kleinschmidt