The Formula For A Perfect Song

Happy Thursday y'all! 

A phrase that I have been hearing a lot lately has been " I could never write a song! I don't know how." Well I have a piece of news for you. Contrary to the title of this post, there is no "formula" for writing the perfect song. All you really need to start is an idea to run with. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to construct a song. Each and every artist will have their own personal approach to how they may go about structuring their music. However, if you are really dying for some sort of guide or a crash course in the art of songwriting, you're in luck. Todays post is dedicated to the steps I take while writing a new song. 

Step 1  - Find your muse 

When starting a new original, I first need a general idea of what I will be writing about. The way I generally do this is I think about what is currently happening in my life, and I focus on all of the strongest emotions that come to mind. This can either be really easy, or really difficult. This will all depend on your mood and the dedication to your work. Be sure that you have a clear mind and that you are in a comfortable place (refer back to "Finding Inspiration"). 


Step 2 - Develop your central idea 

I typically come up with a strong memorable line that will most likely be placed in the chorus when I begin to write. This is what the rest of my lyrics will feed off of and really determines the tone of the song. This line or phrase can be located wherever you feel fit, but I personally like to place the central idea and focus to the chorus of my song. After you find this, the rest of your lyrics will follow. 


Step 3 - Find your groove 

As you begin the think up different lyrics and the structure of your song becomes more clear, the flow and rhythm of your piece should begin to unveil itself. Here is where you can decide how fast or slow your song will be, the different inflections there might be, and any differences that the various verses could have. This is really where you can create unique qualities for your song unlike any artist has before. 

Step 4 - Sing it through 

Once you have your idea, your lyrics, and your flow, you can sing through your song and see if it may need any changes or tweaks. You are the creator and can make this piece of art whatever you want it to be! I will usually find some lyrics that I want to switch around with in the song to establish a better flow, but you may feel that your song is exactly what you wanted it to be. 

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Step 5 - Add in some tunes 

Once you have your words ready to go, add in your guitar, piano, drums, fiddle, or whatever you may want to make your song pop. Follow the same process for writing your music as you did for writing your lyrics. 


This is just the process I use which is one of many ways that you can approach song writing. Remember that if you have the creative mindset, you can create any kind of song that you want to. 

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Jordan Mae 


Jordan Kleinschmidt