Fighting Writers Block

Happy almost Friday! 

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding how I get inspiration for my original music and how I fight writers block. For starters, every original song that I have written pulls upon a personal experience from my life or a strong feeling that I may have about a topic. I believe I wright the best when I am writing about what I know. That being said, I tend to face periods in my life where my song inspiration seems to plateau so that is where I begin to get a little more creative. If I am at a point where I can not seem to pull any strong ideas from my personal life I work my way through the following list of things. I am typically able to be inspired by one or more of these activities and I tend to stray out of my comfort zone with my lyrics when writing this way. Coming out of your comfort zone with your writing is so great and you will be surprised at what genres and topics that you can come up with while doing so. Some of my greatest lyrics and lines have been written through the practice of some of these techniques so I encourage you to try them next time you hit that creative road block. 

1) Going for a run 

Though some people may hate running, this method distracts you from over thinking your writing and can both relax your mind and get your blood pumping simultaneously. I believe running or any form of exercise is a great way to take a break and to clear your mind of any mess or distraction that may be getting in the way of your writing. I have put some of my current favorite running songs below : 


2) Interviewing friends or family 

I recently wrote a song for my upcoming album through doing method number two. There are occasionally times where I will find myself focusing the microscope to closely on my self and I need to take a step back and gain some perspective from my outside environment. Collecting life stories from those closest to you is a perfect way to do this and can lead to writing about things that you never would have thought of on your own. My friends and family are one of my biggest inspirations whether that be in life or for my music. I believe writing music about real experiences makes the songs more raw and relatable to your audience. 

You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to color my sky.
— a.r.asher


3) Enjoying Nature 

Sometimes when I am finding it hard to even start a song I like to go to the beach or out to a nature trail and use it as a sort of meditation hour. I personally can not get enough of nature and I find the peace and quiet helpful in organizing my thoughts and finding a central idea for what I want to create. I use this technique in two different ways and it typically leads to two very different results. If I plan a fun day with friends I end up with fun and exciting ideas for an upbeat original, but if I take some alone time out in nature I come up with some meaningful music that I couldn't pull out of my mind before hand. 


Pro Tip: Going to a local coffee shop and writing while watching all of the people coming in and out if one of my favorite things to do while trying to find a new song idea. This is not necessarily a method, but its just something that tends to help me get my creative flow going. 


Following these simple methods will help cure even the toughest case of writers block and will help you to create beautiful music, poems, stories, or whatever it may be that you're working on. 

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Thank you for reading !


Jordan Mae