It's Okay To Change Your Style

Happy Monday everyone !

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I was so happy to see some of your faces at the shows on Friday and Saturday. I had the joy of spending some quality Sunday funday time with my dad and little brother which is always enjoyable. {If you are in the central Florida area and haven't explored downtown Winter Garden I highly recommend it.} A nice little outing turned into a full blown promo photo shoot so shout out to my dad for always being ready for my shenanigans. 

I always love taking new promotional picture when I write a new set of original music. I almost feel like I'm marking a new era of my personal sound. 



I have been seeing a lot of talk about Taylor Swift's new sound lately and how her style is "bipolar". This really upsets me not only because I adore Taylor, but as a female musician myself I understand how and why music and personal styles can change frequently. My music is a reflection of my life and looking back at some of my first original songs, I feel like I am reliving those emotions. This could be anything from a break up, a death, losing a friend, or honestly any significant event from my life. Especially as a young artist I feel like my life is constantly changing and I am experiencing so many different life moments so often. 


Another thing I hear and observe being talked about is female writers such as Taylor being "serial daters" just for the sole purpose of songwriting. I disagree with this 100% and heres why: I have written many songs about past relationships and they play a large role in my success as a female musician. My audience relates their lives to these songs and I believe that people want to hear topics that they can understand and feel the emotions behind the song. Writers like Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini , and even bands like Little Big Town have a multitude of songs about heart breaks and relationships. Artists shouldn't be put under such intense scrutinization for creating art out of a painful experience. The music industry would be drastically different today if heartbreak was left out of the writing equation. I of course understand that the media and the public will always have opinions that are far from positive, but I do wish that people will try an gain some perspective before judging and artist's life so harshly. 


This also goes along with artists changing their personal style whether that be their hair, clothes, or their entire presentation. I have honestly done this so many times and it is typically after I go through a significant emotional period in my life. I believe that you can put forth your best work when you feel your best. Sometimes you can lose your true self and getting back to that version of you can be really hard. I like to think that changing up your style isn't starting over, but its a way of reinventing a new version of who you are striving to be. This is so important to me because as a young artist I experience a lot of change fairly often and I like to mark that change within my music and within myself. 

I hope this post empowers any one of you who may be thinking of changing up your own styles within your life to take that leap of faith and make the change. Something as simple as a haircut can freshen up you mind and life and give you a fresh start. 

Until tomorrow 


Jordan Mae 

Jordan Kleinschmidt