New Music Update !

Happy November ! 

The holidays are rolling in which puts me in the best and most creative mood ! I am so excited to reveal some brand new music at the upcoming shows this weekend and through out the end of 2017 ! The writing process for a lot of these newer songs has been an interesting journey for me seeing that I have strayed away from my traditional methods of scratching down whatever thoughts may pop into may head at a said moment in time. I am so incredibly proud of the set of lyrics that I have put out thus far because they really reflect the messages I am trying to put out to the public. If you want to hear my brand new song " Try Again" ( Which also happens to be the total track of the upcoming EP) for the first time ever, come out to Hurricanes wings and grille on Friday from 7pm - 10pm ! In addition to this update on how the new music is coming along, I stumbled upon this video of Taylor Swift's writing process very interesting and entertaining so check it out below! 

Until next time 


Jordan Mae 

Jordan Kleinschmidt