5 Things I've Learned in Rebranding Myself in a New City

Hey y’all!

Okay so if you’ve read the last blog post (if not you totally should), I have recently moved to beautiful Pensacola Florida for college! Moving away from home has had quite a few challenges an amount them has been promoting my self as a working musician to an entire new city of people and venues. I am so fortunate to have the amazing help from the worlds best ‘dad-ager’, and thankfully things are starting to look up. In these past few months of rebranding I have learned a few things and I wanted to share them so that if you find yourself relocating and restarting, maybe you'll find these tips helpful in your new adventure.

1) You won’t be everyones cup of tea

When I first began hunting for new venues, I felt great! I had really built up a good name and reputation for myself over three years of performing in central Florida. I did what I know best and I sent out my resume, made myself look desirable as an act, and visited potential new venues. I began to get discouraged when I found myself not receiving the response I had originally expected. I was used to having a solid performance schedule and I had good local references. It took some time but I really had to come to terms with the fact that my style of music is not fit for everyone. So I took knowing that with a grain of salt and pushed through, kept working. Eventually, I started to find those venues who saw something in me and things slowly but surely fell into place. Starting over is scary, but its worth every bit of work in the end.

2) It’s okay to take some time to figure things out

My first month living away from home for the first time was nothing short of stressful. I have a very intense class schedule, I’m far away from home, and I was struggling with the idea of not having steady work. I had become so used to my life at home having a steady job, seeing my family and friends every day, and having courses that I was good at right away. I wanted to take so time to adjust and figure this out. I worried that wanting to go visit family, friends, and go new places was going to hinder in my finding work. I had to take a step back and realize that I had started a huge new chapter of my life and I needed to take a step back and get used to it. I prioritized school and my family and soon there after work fell right into place. Take care of yourself first, and then let the new things follow.

3) You will hit walls……multiple times

Not only was I becoming frustrated with finding work, I was struggling with a very intense all science and math course schedule. For my first semester at a university, I had really taken off more than I could chew. It felt like I was breaking down and calling my mom every week telling her that I wanted two come home. She of course knew I was merely overwhelmed and said I just needed to work through it and try a new approach. She was right I had to keep trying even though I really just wanted to go home. I crashed and burned multiple times but I eventually started to figure things out with everything from school to work. I learned the very valuable lesson of knowing that its okay to not be okay, but don’t give up.

4) You will realize why you love your passions

Initially, when I was struggling to find new venues and I was getting no where, my gut reaction was to get a job waiting tables or making coffee to at least make my self feel better. I quickly realized how accustomed I had become to working weekends and shorter hours. I have always loved my job but restoring really showed me how blessed I have been being able to perform for a living. Some day of course I want to find a job that fits into the field of my degree, but being able to work as a musician now is all I could ever want.

5) You will better your brand

After experiencing all of these things and a whole whirlwind of emotions on top of it, I really dove into making my self as a performing artist better. whether that looked liked improving my online platforms, reaching out to new places, being more intentional with follow ups, putting in more practice times, etc. All of this combined has ultimately improved my brand for the better and led to this slow and steady upward climb to more and more shows. I won’t say it was easy but of course it was well worth it.

This entire experience that I am still continuing to work through has been stressful but stepping back and looking at the whole thing, these road blocks and experiences have become tools that I can use to improve my brand more and more from here on out. Attempting to be an above average college student, maintain a social life, maintain family life, maintain a relationship, find venues to play, and so on all at once seems impossible and can really get down on me sometimes. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way because each of these things play a role in who I am and they play off of one another helping me to achieve new goals and heights every day.

I hope these points may inspire or help you and be sure to check out my calendar for up coming shows and events!

I am also so excited to announce that I will be releasing a HUGE project in April of 2019 so stay tuned and check back here and on the Jordan Mae Music facebook page for more updates.

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Jordan Mae